Wednesday, April 16, 2014 
This Week's Specials

Product Normal price Special price Discount Privacy Suite$79.95Only $39.95Save 50%!
Clear All History$34.95Only $24.95 Save $10.00!
Delete Files Permanently$49.95Only $34.95 Save $15.00!
Clear All History Portable$49.95Only $34.95 Save $15.00!
DeleteFilesPermanently Portable$69.95Only $49.95 Save $20.00!
Portable Privacy Suite$119.95Only $59.95 Save 50%!
Notes + Reminders$29.95Only $9.95 Save $20.00!
Form Auto Fill$59.95Only $39.95 Save $20.00!
Form Auto Fill Portable$89.95Only $69.95 Save $20.00!
Special offer 'Buy One, Get One Free'
Buy one copy with an Upgrade Subscription and get one copy with the same Upgrade Subscription FREE!
Offer is valid till April 30, 2014.
Offer may be revoked at any time.
Offer is only valid for purchasing the product with an Upgrade Subscription.
Offer is not valid for purchasing the product without an Subscription or an Subscription without the product.
Offer is valid for multipurchasing.
Offer is not valid for Enterprise solutions.

Special Discounts for Educational and Non-Profit Organizations offers up to the 50% discount* to non-profit organizations, educational institutions, schools, libraries, museums, hospitals, non-commercial web sites, local governments, city governments, state governments, provincial governments, and national governments.
If you would like to review your organization or website for eligibility for special non-profit pricing, please contact us.
*The percent of discount depends on the number of copies you want to purchase.

Special Discounts for Existing Customers
Need to get the latest program version, purchase an additional copy of product or another product?
We are happy to offer our existing customers additional discounts for all products! Learn more

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