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Need to permanently delete files from your computer, wipe traces of previously deleted files or wipe your hard drive? Download Delete Files Permanently

Why you should erase history
How to clear search history
Your browser, Windows and different applications you use store traces of your Internet activity, computer history, personal information you enter on websites, previously deleted data and more in order to provide a more pleasant computer and surfing experience.
But these Internet and computer history traces and unwanted files can seriously compromize your privacy and provide a way for others to view what you have been doing, searching, downloading, running, viewing, etc.
Some history tracks can't be deleted manually as they are stored in different system areas and not always visible by standard means.

Clear All History keeps your computer clean and helps you protect your privacy by permanently deleting Internet history, Windows history and application history. Clear All History also helps you improve and optimize your computer performance by deleting unnecessary temporary files created by Windows and other programs while operation. Although Temporary files and generally not harmful, they take up lots of space and can cause Windows to operate slower than usual.

With Clear All History software you can shred history files before deleting using U.S. DoD 5220.22-M(E) algorithm to completely delete history files from your computer.

What Internet history tracks should be cleaned
While Internet surfing your browser records:
- every website you visited; - every search string you entered in search engines; - what images and videos you have seen, files you downloaded; - logins, passwords, credit card numbers and other information you enter when filling web forms, etc.
And all Internet history tracks can be easily accessed by anyone who can access you computer.

To protect your privacy, you should regularly delete history tracks stored by your browser.
- clear address bar history;
- delete search history;
- clear autocomplete data;
- clear cache;
- delete Temporary Internet Files;
- delete cookies;
- delete index.dat files;
- clear index.dat;
- delete stored passwords;

Clear All History Download

Clear All History supports Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, MSN Explorer, AOL Explorer, Maxthon, Safari, Opera and Mozilla.

However browser history is just a small part of all history tracks stored on your PC. Windows and other applications store lots of unnecessary data and slow down computer performance. To completely clear history tracks from your PC, you should also clear history stored by Windows and applications you used.

How to delete history in seconds
It doesn't matter if you are an experienced PC user or a beginner. With Clear All History you can clean your PC from unwanted files and improve computer performance.
Organize all information in a quick and easy way
Forget paper notes! Write down quick notes, create to-do lists, organize what is really important and easily find it anytime!
Quick notes, reseach notes, manuals, addresses, phone numbers, catalogs, price lists, etc. It doesn't matter what kind of information you want to keep and manage - sticky notes is the perfect tool for all your needs.
With Notes + Reminder, easy to use free sticky notes software, you will have all your information at your fingertips. User-friendly interface, ease of use and extensive features. Free Notes + Reminders provides an easy way to share ideas with your colleagues and friends by sending sticky notes and reminders via a LAN, WLAN and the Internet.
Sticky notes software comes with lots of useful features, allowing you to increase your productivity:

Easy to use desktop sticky notes
No matter how many daily tasks you have and what kind of information you need to keep and manage, desktop sticky notes have everything you need in one place - you can create desktop sticky notes, save all information such as web links, addresses, phone numbers, catalogs, todo lists, price lists, etc in one place, categorize and organize your information, attach desktop notes to files and documents, set alarms to remind of important dates, appointments and events and more.

Organize everything
With desktop notes software you will have all your information at your fingertips. Jotting down your important informaiton, ideas and thoughts has never been easier. With a few mouse clicks you can create desktop sticky notes.
Easily locate everything when you need it
The advanced 'Search' option helps you quickly locate desktop notes and reminders.

Attach files and urls to sticky notes
Desktop sticky notes enable quick and easy access to the attached files and urls. You can open web pages, files and run programs just by double-clicking on them.

Sticky notes groups
Organize sticky notes, schedulers and reminders in Groups according to their nature - to-do lists, addresses, accounts, etc.

High Customization sticky notes software offers lots of customization options that allow you to configure your desktop notes to make them appear exactly the way you want.

Simplify your note taking by safely storing all your information in one place on your computer.

Reminder option
Sticky notes will remind you about daily tasks or special dates and events such as birthdays, anniversaries and business meetings at the appointed time using different alarm actions.

Share your ideas with others
Desktop sticky notes are perfect for communicating with your friends and colleagues. Just create desktop notes and reminders and send them to your friends and colleagues over a LAN, WLAN or the Internet.

How you can use note taking software
- Keep tracks of daily tasks and events
- Write down quick notes and ideas
- Make to-do lists and more...

Note taking software for business
Use desktop notes to:
- Store addresses, phone numbers, desktop notes, research notes, reports, manuals, catalogs, price lists, client info and more...
- Create outlines, reports and projects
- Create reminders and schedulers

Use desktop notes to:
- Write lectures and class notes
- Organize and plan revisions and researches.

Notes + Reminders Benefits
Sticky Notes + Reminders + Scheduler + Organizer + Address Book
Whether you are a home user, student or professional, it is always important to keep and organize important information, dates and events. Notes + Reminders is reminder software for home users and professionals who need to manage different kinds of information with ease and efficiency. Notes + Reminders saves your time and effort, allowing you to focus on your job.
With Notes + Reminders you can quickly write down, search and manage information, dates and events. With a few mouse clicks you can locate necessary information, organize information in different groups, make reminders and schedulers and 'stick' them to documents and web pages as well as send them over the Internet or a LAN/WLAN.
Address Book
Notes + Reminders will remind you about daily tasks or special dates and events such as birthdays, anniversaries and business meetings at the appointed time using different alarm actions. Don't ever forget an important date or event again!
If you have tasks which you should perform on a regular basis like updating specific data, making weekly or monthly reports, etc., you can easily create daily, weekly, monthly or annually schedulers.

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