Tuesday, September 16, 2014 
Form Auto Fill

› Tired of entering logins and passwords while accessing web mail accounts, bank accounts, etc?

› Your work requires filling lots of web forms every day?

› Tired of filling your name, address and e-mail address in registration forms over and over again?

› Often purchase online? Tired of entering credit card and billing information? Want to store it in a safe place and fill it automatically?

› Have you ever forgotten or lost your passwords?

Form Auto Fill - automatic form filler and password manager
Form Auto Fill is developed for a wide range of users who want to simplify logon and filling forms

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How Form Auto Fill can simplify your work
Whether you purchase online, fill registration forms, constantly fill and submit different forms or login websites and email accounts
Form Auto Fill helps you in any situation!

› Fill and submit any web form automatically

Need to fill lots of forms every day? Form Auto Fill offers lots of advanced options to make your work easier.
Form Auto Fill saves your time by automatically filling web forms with your information. Just fill the necessary information once and Form Auto Fill will enter this data into web forms for you.

- 'Batch mode' for filling and submitting forms in a cycle one by one. Now you may simplify your work - just select the group of forms you want to fill and submit automatically and set the delay between filling and submitting forms in a cycle.

- Import forms information from files in CSV format so you can easily import information from any program e.g. Excel, Word, etc. that allows saving data in CSV format.

- Update from CSV files simplifies your work if you need to regularly update lots of values online (like products quantity, price, availability, etc) using the information you manage in another program, website, etc. For more information please see What is the difference between the 'Import forms from csv' and 'Update form from CSV' options

- Form Auto Fill supports forms with more than one submit button so you can easily select which submit button you want to apply while the 'fill and submit' action

- Form Auto Fill supports the java script 'on click' method to set variable values in forms.

- While filling forms you can select 'Form fields linking' rules: 'By field name and field type', 'By field order number and field type' and 'By field ID and field type' that greatly increases the number of forms you can fill using Form Auto Fill.

- 'Fill only empty fields' option - this option is very useful if some fields already contain information and you need to save information in these fields. So Form Auto Fill inserts the corresponding information only in empty form fields.

- 'Get full list of drop down fields' option - using this option, you can save a full list of information stored in the 'select' type field(s) so you can easily select the necessary data from the drop down list offline.

- Default fill form actions - 'No default action', 'Fill form without asking' and 'Fill & Submit form without asking'.

› Save web forms of any complexity

› Logon with one click

Using Form Auto Fill you can easily autofill logins and passwords on web pages, in registration forms, login windows, etc. Form Auto Fill lets you login to any website with one click. Just click the 'Go' button and Form Auto Fill automatically opens the necessary web page where you can easily fill and submit form.

› High information security

With Form Auto Fill you may safely store all your logins, passwords, credit card numbers, and any other confidential information in one place. All information is encrypted using AES 256-bit key encryption.

› Advanced password generator

Advanced password generator to generate random passwords of any length. Form Auto Fill uses Universal Random Number Generator (URAND) subroutine for generating random passwords.

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