Thursday, August 21, 2014 
Delete Files Permanently Portable
Install Delete Files Permanently Portable on a removable drive and run it directly from the removable drive on any computer you need

Delete Files Permanently Portable enables you to permanently delete sensitive files and wipe free space without any chance of recovery

› Make it impossible for anyone to restore deleted information and track your computer use!

› Prevent business data, credit card information or personal information from being recovered!

› Save hard disk space and improve your computer's performance!

Delete Files Permanently Portable - advanced file shredder

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Main Features

› Permanently delete files and folders

Delete Files Permanently Portable allows you to permanently delete files and folders without any possibility to recover. You can use Delete Files Permanently Portable to delete files and folders by selecting them in the program main window as well as by using the 'Delete permanently' option integrated in the Windows Shell.
For more security Delete Files Permanently Portable changes files and folders names, files size and files date (creation/last modify/last access) so it is impossible to find the original names, size and dates of deleted files.

› 14 built-in wiping schemes

Delete Files Permanently Portable lets you easily, quickly and permanently delete all personal, confidential and critical data by overwriting it using different wiping schemes - so you can feel confident that sensitive information is completely eliminated. You can use any of 14 built-in wiping schemes or create and use your own wiping schemes.

› Wipe Free Space

Using the Wipe Free Space you can permanently delete previously 'deleted' files.

› Empty and Wipe Recycle Bin

Using Delete Files Permanently Portable you can empty and permanently delete Recycle Bin content to remove all traces of previously deleted files.

› Wiping scheme Viewer and Editor

You can create and use your own wiping schemes or create wiping schemes based on built-in algorithms to meet your specific requirements. Integrated wiping scheme Viewer/Editor helps you view, add and modify wiping schemes in seconds.
Ability to use multiple byte patterns (up to 5) while creating shredding algorithms

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