Monday, September 1, 2014 
Clear All History Portable
Install Clear All History Portable on a removable drive and run it directly from the removable drive on any computer you need

Why you need Clear All History Portable
› Clear All History Portable can be installed on any kind of removable storage media (USB disk, flash drive, memory stick, etc.)

› Install Clear All History Portable once and use it on any number of computers you need.

› You can use Clear All History Portable on computers for which you have no administrator privileges to install software

› Since Clear All History Portable doesn't modify system registries, nobody would know that you use Clear All History Portable.

› You can use Clear All History Portable to protect your privacy while using computers in a workplace or Internet cafes.

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Main Features
› Clear Internet History
› clear browsing history
› clear search history
› clear form AutoComplete
› clear Address bar history
› clear download history
› delete Temporary Internet Files (cache)
› delete saved passwords
› delete cookies
› delete index.dat files

› Clear Windows history
› clear Recent Documents and Items
› clear Clipboard
› delete Windows Temporary Files
› clear Page file (swap file)
› clear Recently run programs list
› clear Windows Search history
› clear 'Start Menu' open programs history
› clear Recent open/save files list
› empty Recycle Bin

› Other features
› clear Most Recently Used list in MS Office
› clear Windows Media Player history
› clear Toolbar search history
› clear Google Desktop history
› clear Skype chat and call history
› Shredder option
› Advanced scheduler
› Invisible mode
› Supports different browsers

Clear All History Portable supports Internet Explorer, MSN Explorer, AOL Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape and Maxthon.

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