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Notes + Reminders
› Get Organized
Notes + Reminders is easy to use desktop sticker software that helps you organize information, make to-do lists or just write down ideas, phone numbers, addresses, web links, todo lists and other info in a quick and easy way. With Notes + Reminders you will have all your information at your fingertips.

› Increase productivity
Jotting down your important informaiton, ideas and thoughts has never been easier. Notes + Reminders lets you easily create sticky notes, efficiently organize and find them whenever you need.

› Share your ideas with others
With Notes + Reminders you can easily share your stickers with friends and colleagues by sending them over a local network or the Internet Notes + Reminders

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Notes + Reminders
Desktop sticker program for home and office

› Keep all information in one place Sicker is desktop sticker software that provides an easy way to store different information in one place and quickly access it. You can easily access quick notes, web urls, emails, phone messages, addresses, passwords and more. No need to clutter you desk or computer with paper sticky notes or search through folders and files on your PC. With Notes + Reminders you will have all your information at your fingertips.

› Efficiently organize stickers on the desktop

Desktop stickers will not clutter your desktop and disturb your work as you can create stickers with different priorities, easily arrange, hide, show and minimize computer stickers, use transparency effect and more.

› Customize and edit stickers Sicker is an advanced sticker program that offers lots of customization options. You can create, edit and print stickers using different fonts and colors, modify stickers settings and much more.

› Attach files and urls to stickers Sicker enables quick and easy access to files and urls that are attached to desktop stickers. You can open web pages, files and run programs just by double-clicking on them.

› Secure information storage Sicker is the first sticker software provides high information security allowing you to keep your personal information safe from prying eyes.

› Share sticky notes

Want to share your notes with your friends and colleagues? Just create sticky notes and send them to your friends and colleagues over a LAN, WLAN or the Internet.

HOW YOU CAN USE Notes + Reminders

Notes + Reminders is a handy sticker program that can be used in different situations:
- personal information organizer
- for storing sensitive information like loging, passwords, PINs, credit cards numbers, etc
- for making to-do lists
- to keep tracks of your daily tasks and events
- for writing down quick notes and ideas
- for creating outlines, reports & projects
- for storing and organizing recipes
- for writing and structuring small articles or larger documents and much more

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