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Notes + Reminders
Multifunctional date reminder software that helps you organize your life, take control of your daily tasks and events and increase productivity

› Date reminder to work smart
No matter how many daily tasks you have and what kind of information you need to keep and manage. Notes + Reminders comes with lots of useful features, allowing you to save your time, increase productivity and focus on your job!
› Date reminder to increase productivity
Notes + Reminders helps you manage different kinds of information, dates and events with ease and efficiency. Just create a list of reminders and schedulers never forget about upcoming events again.
› Date reminder to be creative
With Notes + Reminders you can customize reminders and schedulers to make them appear exactly the way you want.
› Date reminder to share your ideas with others
Notes + Reminders makes it easy to send your quick notes, reminders and schedulers over a LAN, WLAN or the Internet
Notes + Reminders
date reminder software for home and office

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Task & Event

› Friendly date reminder software to remember important dates and events

Notes + Reminders is multifunctional date reminder software that helps you organize your life, take control of your daily tasks and events and increase productivity. Notes + Reminders will remind you about daily tasks or special dates and events such as birthdays, anniversaries and business meetings using different date reminders.
With Notes + Reminders remembering important dates and events becomes really easy. Just create a list of date reminders and never forget about upcoming events again.
You can create one-time and recurring date reminders and schedulers to be informed about repeating events.

› Scheduler option

If you have tasks you should perform on a regular basis like updating specific data, making weekly or monthly reports, etc., you can set up alarm actions to occur periodically. With Notes + Reminders you can easily create daily, weekly, monthly or annually schedulers.

› Easily organize and manage date reminders

Notes + Reminders helps you prevent cluttering on the desktop. With a few mouse clicks you can create notes, date reminders and schedulers and 'stick' them to documents and web pages, locate necessary information, organize date reminders in different groups, arrange date reminders on the desktop, play date reminders, set expiration date, add additional information in reminder's title and body, share date reminders with others and more... If you are looking for a flexible, easy-to-use date reminder program, then Notes + Reminders is just what you need.

› Share date reminders

Notes + Reminders makes it easy to share your date reminders with others! You can create date reminders and share them with others over a LAN, WLAN, the Internet and via email

› High customization

With Notes + Reminders you can customize notes and reminders to make them appear exactly the way you want. You can customize the individual notes and reminders that you are working on as well as the default settings that will affect all new notes and date reminders.

› Safely keep information

Notes + Reminders helps you keep your sensitive information away from prying eyes:
- All information is encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption
- Password protected notes
- Multi-user mode support
- If a few users have access to your computer, they can have their own independent databases

› Address Book

The Address Book helps you store and organize your contact information. It can store all the personal details you could want from names, addresses and several types of phone numbers to birthdays, anniversaries, web site urls and other custom information. The Address book enables you to add contacts, modify contacts, remove contacts and import contacts from other programs. When you send notes, you can easily add the recipient's information from the 'Send note to ...' window to the Address Book

› Password Generator

Notes + Reminders uses the Universal Random Number Generator (URAND) subroutine to generate random passwords based on your preferences.
You can specify the password length, use upper/lower case letters and digits.

How you can use date reminders

Date reminder software for home
You can use Notes + Reminders to:
- set daily and date reminders
- keep tracks of daily tasks and events
- write down quick notes and ideas
- organize addresses, phone numbers, notes, and more...

Date reminder software for work
- Notes + Reminders is a date reminder program that can be used as event reminder software, appointment reminder and appointment scheduler, daily reminder software, birthday reminder software

Notes + Reminders helps you store and organize addresses, phone numbers, quick notes, research notes, reports, manuals, catalogs, price lists, client info and more...

Date reminders for Windows
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