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Free Sticky Notes and Reminders

Notes + Reminders - free sticky notes software that helps you organize all your information in a quick and easy way
Forget paper sticky notes!
Write down quick notes, create to-do lists, organize what is really important and easily find it anytime! Notes + Reminders

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Notes + Reminders is sticky notes freeware that helps you organize your daily tasks.
• custom sticky notes
• easily modify sticky notes settings
• send sticky notes over LAN/Internet
• send notes via email
• print sticky notes
• set up default settings
• sticky notes priority levels
• export/import sticky notes
• hotkeys

In Notes + Reminders, instead of our old program Sticker Lite, you can create reminders and schedulers
Download free sticky notes and reminders
Notes + Reminders - free sticky notes program

Why choose Notes + Reminders?

Looking for an easy way to write down, keep and manage different kinds of information such as addresses, phones, quick notes, research notes, price lists, etc. It doesn't matter what kind of information you want to keep and manage. Notes + Reminders is sticky notes freeware that helps you in any situation.
Sticky notes freeware

With Notes + Reminders (sticky notes freeware) you will have all your information at your fingertips Notes + Reminders is an ideal free sticky notes program for home and office. Friendly user interface lets you start using the program within minutes. You'll be amazed at how easy and quickly you can create desktop sticky notes.
   Want to share and discuss what you are writing and doing with your friends and colleagues or just want to remind them about daily tasks or special dates and events? Notes + Reminders is sticky notes freeware that provides an easy way to communicate with your friends and colleagues by sending sticky notes over LAN/Internet or via e-mail or you can also send notes via email.

Notes + Reminders : Main Features
   Notes + Reminders is free sticky notes program for Windows that offers you an easy way to keep all information you have to remember on the computer desktop and manage your time in a more efficient way. sticky notes freeware comprises a number of other useful features that lets you efficiently organize your work with notes:

Create sticky notes in seconds
Using this sticky notes freeware you may easily create quick sticky notes any time you need to jot something down. Notes + Reminders (sticky notes freeware) is perfect for simple note taking, creating to-do lists, writing down quick information, organizing different kinds of contact information such as addresses, phone numbers and more. All changes are saved automatically as soon as they occurred, so you won't lose any important information.

Sticky notes that are always with you
No need to clutter your desk or PC with paper sticky notes or search through folders and files on your PC. sticky notes freeware lets you easily create different notes, organize them, and find them whenever you need. All information such as quick notes, web urls, emails, phone messages, addresses, etc. is stored in one place and you may quickly access it.
If necessary, you can easily print and take sticky notes with you

Custom sticky notes
Notes + Reminders (free sticky notes program) offers different options to customize sticky notes appearance:
- you can create computer sticky notes using different fonts and colors
- free sticky notes support RTF format that allows you to edit information any way you want
- all sticky notes settings (including default settings) can be modified to your preference
- sticky notes titles display the date and time of creation

Share your sticky notes with others
Want to share your sticky notes with your friends and colleagues? Notes + Reminders is a perfect sticky notes freeware for communicating with your friends and colleagues. You can create sticky notes and send them to your friends and colleagues over LAN or the Internet or via e-mail.

Efficiently organize sticky notes on the desktop
Computer sticky notes will not clutter your desktop and disturb your work as you can create sticky notes with different priorities, hide sticky notes or place them on the desktop, show only note's title and use transparency effect. As soon as you finished, you can quickly hide your note leaving your desktop tidy
Notes + Reminders is free sticky notes program for business, education and personal use

Increase your productivity using sticky notes freeware

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