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Free day planner organizer

Day planner software

Manage your tasks in an easy way

Day planner software helps you plan your day. Free day planner software has all the necessary tools for the effective management of tasks, contacts, notes, and reminders. With the day planner and organizer you can keep your tasks, contacts, events, logins, passwords, ideas, notes, phone numbers, and much more at your fingertips. Day planner organizer is easy to navigate. The search feature lets you instantly find the contacts, tasks, and events you are looking for.

With day planner software you will never forget about birthdays, anniversaries and meetings again. Day planner will remind you with a pop up or sound alarm.
Notes + Reminders
free day planner software for home and office
Never forget important dates again

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Day planner organizer supports various useful options, such as searching, editing, formatting and customizing options, import and export options, and automatic backup. It is possible to categorize tasks, associate them with documents and files. Reminders will not let you forget about upcoming events.

Organize and share your tasks with free day planner organizer

Free day planner software saves you time making your work more efficient. You can create as many tasks as you need. Then you can easily edit, organize, prioritize and customize them. Additionally, you can use the reminder and scheduler options that are available in the free day planner and organizer. Why use free day planner organizer software:
day planner organizer helps you keep your contact information and tasks always at hand
with free day planner organizer software you can create to do lists to complete your tasks on time
free day planner organizer helps you create reminders for appointments and personal dates
free day planner organizer software supports sending notes and reminders to other computers
with day planner organizer all your valuable information is stored safely away from other people
Address book software With free day planner software you can share your tasks, lists and notes with friends, family, and co-workers.
Free day planner software saves your time. Free day planner software has all the things you'd expect from a planner. You can keep all information in one place, create different categories to organize events and appointments, set reminders with alarms, easily share your information on a local area network.
Why you need day planner software:
Keep and share all your information in a single place
Easily share ideas, thoughts and to dos with colleagues, family or friends
Safely keep sensitive information

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