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Day timer software

Free day timer planner software to increase your productivity

If you are lookng for a lightweight program to make to-dos and shopping lists, set reminders and schedulers, keep email addresses and phone numbers or just jot down information, day timer software is the best solution. Day timer is highly customizable and flexible that will allow you to keep your tasks and to-dos at fingertips.

Day timer software will remind you of what you need to do each day without interrupting your work and cluttering your desktop.

Day timer features a notes organizer, scheduler, reminder, calendar, and address book. Day timer software has friendly interface and provdes a list of useful options that helps you customize and prioritize your tasks to make sure you meet all your needs. Day timer software offers a convenient way to organize information - you can minimize, hide or show certain tasks, sort them by any field and by several criteria at the same time. You can assign files, documents and web pages with your tasks.

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Day timer software

Day timer software will track your everyday tasks, remind about special days, helps you manage appointments, to-do lists, schedules, and more. You can set day timer software to notify you of things to be done with different alarm actions.

With day timer software all your tasks are stored in a single place where you can easily access. All information is password protected. In addition, day timer lets you backup your data.

Day timer is easy to use and includes everything you need to organize your daily work. This is a convenient way to see your all your tasks at a glance.

Day timer and planner software helps you organize your work in a more effective way, increasing your productivity. With day timer software you can organize your tasks into different groups. For example, you could have groups for work related tasks, home, studies, or hobby.

Day timer planner software offers a range of organizational and customization options. Notes and reminders can be scheduled, customized by changing the font, color, transparency and size, password protected, automatically deleted on expiration. You can prioritize your tasks determining the most important tasks, use due-date, set one-time and recurring reminders , stick your notes to documents and files.

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